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Bigg Boss 11: Bigg Boss Reveals Secret Clips To Arshi, Hina & Vikas; Shilpa Wants To Develop to be Captain!

Bigg Boss 11 : Shilpa Shinde Wants To grow to be Captain nonetheless Arshi Khan has Draw back | Masala Khabre

We not too way back seen the Bigg Boss 11 housemates upsetting each other throughout the BB Lab exercise. This has created havoc inside the house, as Akash Dadlani is upset with Vikas Gupta. Moreover, Vikas is indignant at Priyank Sharma’s bikini act!

Throughout the newest episode we seen Vikas upset with Priyank, as he felt that Priyank made pleasant of his determine, Guchipoo all through the BB Lab exercise. He discusses the an identical with Hiten Tejwani. Be taught the highlights of yesterday’s (December 14) episode. Moreover, strive what’s in retailer throughout the upcoming episode…

Is Arshi Instigating Housemates?

Is Arshi Instigating Housemates?

Alternatively, Arshi tells Priyank that Vikas is upset with him. Priyank reveals to Arshi that Vikas is an unimaginable specific individual and he is grateful to him as he has helped him a lot.

Arshi & Vikas

Arshi & Vikas

Arshi tells Vikas that she spoke to Priyank, whereas Vikas shouts at her. He is irritated with Priyank and lashes out at him for stooping so low merely to get footage on the current!

Akash & Arshi Argue

Akash & Arshi Argue

Akash and Arshi get into an argument over Shilpa, whereas Hiten and Shilpa communicate how crazy Akash is. Hiten advices Arshi and tells her that she is among the many the reason why Akash is getting spoiled. Arshi begins arguing as she feels that she is being centered on a regular basis.

Arshi Khan Given Special Power!

Arshi Khan Given Specific Vitality!

Bigg Boss supplies specific power to Arshi to resolve on a contestant who shall be despatched to the jail. Arshi chooses Akash as she feels he broke the ideas. After dialogue, the housemates actually really feel Hiten and Priyank moreover deserves to go to the kalkotri as that they had been the weakest performers of the responsibility.

Bigg Boss Unmasks The Contestants

Bigg Boss Unmasks The Contestants

Bigg Boss supplies a chance to the three contestants to get a sneak peek into the conversations the alternative housemates have had of their absence about them. Arshi is the first specific individual to get the prospect.

Arshi Chooses Hina & Vikas

Arshi Chooses Hina & Vikas

Arshi will be given a selected power to resolve on the two contestants, who will get the prospect to see the important thing clips of the others talking about them. Arshi chooses Hina and Vikas.

Hina Has Problem With Shilpa’s Cooking Methods!

Hina Has Draw back With Shilpa’s Cooking Methods!

Within the meantime, Hina creates a fuss as Arshi informs her that Shilpa makes use of faucet water for cooking. She orders Shilpa to not use faucet water and to utilize water from the air air purifier. Shilpa feels harmful for Hina’s phrases (as Hina says that her stomach was upset as Shilpa used faucet water for cooking).

Vikas Makes Shilpa Smile!

Vikas Makes Shilpa Smile!

Vikas and Puneesh try and console Shilpa. Hina feels disgusting as Shilpa weeps for no goal. Vikas was seen making Shilpa smile by praising her appears! (It should be recalled that when Shilpa refused to rearrange meals for her, she cried and made a fuss out of it!)

Arshi Gets To Watch What Housemates Think About Her!

Arshi Will get To Watch What Housemates Suppose About Her!

Arshi will get to take a look at as to how Hina commented on Arshi’s lingerie and lied in BB Courtroom exercise. She moreover will get to take a look at what Puneesh and Akash spoke in opposition to her.

Hina & Arshi

Hina & Arshi

Shilpa and Vikas give attention to about Hina, whereas Hina tries to clarify to Arshi that they (Hina, Luv and Priyank) didn’t say one thing harmful about Arshi’s robe.

Hina Gets Teary-eyed As Shilpa Makes Fun Of Her Emotions!

Hina Will get Teary-eyed As Shilpa Makes Satisfying Of Her Emotions!

Hina moreover will get to take a look at as to what Puneesh, Arshi and Shilpa give attention to about her. She moreover will get to take a look at as to how Shilpa made pleasant of Hina’s emotions. Hina will get teary-eyed and leaves the room.

Hina Discusses The Same With Others

Hina Discusses The Equivalent With Others

Throughout the upcoming episode, we’re going to get to take a look at Hina discussing as to what she watched. She is upset with Shilpa as a result of the latter made pleasant of her emotions and asks as to ‘who’s she to guage anybody’!

Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta

Moreover, Vikas Gupta will get to know what Priyank and others give attention to in opposition to him!

Shilpa Wants To Become Captain

Shilpa Wants To Develop to be Captain

Bigg Boss broadcasts captaincy exercise, whereas Shilpa tells the housemates that she must grow to be a captain now!

Arshi Has Problem!

Arshi Has Draw back!

Arshi is seen arguing with Shilpa as to why Shilpa needs immunity. She asks her as to why she must grow to be a captain now (11the week), when she didn’t care regarding the captaincy duties sooner than!

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